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Navigation System Problems

navigation gps maps system

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#1 OFFLINE   cwwalker23


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Posted 03 June 2012 - 03:47 PM

I bought a 2011 LTZ last year for my wife and got the navigation system - partly because of the integrated system and large screen for the rear-view camera, and partly for the built-in convenience of the GPS navigation. The trouble is, we've had LOTS of problems with the GPS system and our dealer can't come up with a solution. We have Garmin units, and I rent cars occasionally that have integrated systems, but I've NEVER seen any system that is WORSE than this one! This is a pretty expensive option to be THIS BAD!

Here's what I'm seeing:

1. The map seems to be HIGHLY inaccurate / out of date
a. my home address isn't right (been here 20 years) and my whole street is messed up
b. a whole interstate highway near Pittsburg wasn't even on the map (about 10 years old)
c. the "points of interest" seem very out of date
d. it is missing several streets / roads (probably too new)
e. missing whole blocks of street numbers on streets
f. has street numbers that don't really exist (this is happening on my street)

2. The GPS is very slow to react when you miss a turn. Several times, we've missed the "next" turn while it recalculates the route.

3. The accuracy of the unit is not as good as cheap hand-held units like our Garmins (even our oldest one).
Example: It frequently can't tell if you've turned off a highway until you're more than 50 feet away.

4. The software isn't very user-friendly, especially when entering addresses or searching for a point of interest.
Example: when you're entering addresses, it frequently doesn't have even large cities listed (like North Charleston, SC)

Does anyone else have these same problems? Does anyone have any good solutions?

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#2 OFFLINE   1mistgoldj


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Posted 06 June 2012 - 11:57 AM

wow sound's like a trip to the dealer is in order.

#3 OFFLINE   bluegoldwing


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Posted 29 June 2012 - 12:18 PM

@cwwalker: I too have a 2011 LTZ w/Nav and a Garmin 1490 LMT. I just took a trip to the Summerville, SC area, from Dallas, and used both GPS's. The main thing about the GM GPS I don't like is the only way to "plan" a trip is to enter the destination address in the system. You can also enter en-route detours that won't cause problems, but it only tells you the time to final destination, not to the waypoint. I like the freedom of the Garmin and the Basecamp software that allows you to plan your trip down to the n'th degree. Not so with the GM GPS. GM would be better served (along with the customers) to have route planning software loaded on the DVD that comes with the vehicle. Having said all that, I have found that Garmin GPS's are notorious for trying to take you OFF COURSE! Mine did just that coming back from SC. And, don't worry about your address being wrong, my Garmin, GM GPS (and Google Earth) have me living about five doors down the street! They also tried taking me over one block from the address I entered in Summerville. I believe the problem lies in the GPS system that non-military users are ALLOWED to access with our commercial systems. They are universally inaccurate. We gits what they gives. Us non-military users are riding piggy-back on the more accurate military GPS system, ON PURPOSE! Like it or lump it!

#4 OFFLINE   big girl

big girl

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Posted 25 October 2012 - 06:04 PM

Yeah, I feel the same way about my GPS system in the car. It's lousy.

#5 OFFLINE   kimikmy


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Posted 22 April 2013 - 12:48 AM

How to setup DVD GPS navigation system for your car? As there are many varies of DVD GPS navigation systems, so it's difficult to work it out in one time. But generally speaking, the steps are almost the same. So let's take the DVD GPS navigation IN DASH Navigation for an example.
Firstly, please switch the power on and load the disc into the unit. On the main interface, click "DVD" icon to launch DVD, the follow interface will appear. You will control DVD player setup by touching the buttons displayed on screen or by using the remote control.
secondly, Press "SETUP" button on remote control to lauch the DVD setup. The screen will show standard setting menu. Select up/down button display on the right to set language, Audio, Vedio, Classification, etc.
After setting language, press OK and down button to enter into advanced language menu. Press up/down button on touch panel to select desired language and press "OK" button to confirm. The menu of DVD and system setting will display in the language selected.
If you need to continue setup other languages, go back to language setting interface to choose. Touch SET again to exit the DVD setting system, DVD will continue to play automatically after exit setup.
When you need to switch to other setting feature, press direction keys to access. Setting for other features (e.g.vieo, audio) is similar. Please refer to the menu language setting.
Minimize the DVD function to access other desired favourite function. DVD will continue operations when accessing Navi/Bluetooth/Notebook function. DVD player will be disabled upon accessing Radio/MP3/MP4/iPod player.
DVD GPS navigation is the car gps navigation that integrated with DVD PLAYER. DVD player is used in most of the car gps navigation system. With DVD player function, it can play DVD, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, VCD, CD, CD-R/RW and MP3 CD while you are on the move. more information-overhead car DVD player

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#6 OFFLINE   Lalmanza


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Posted 27 September 2015 - 08:45 PM

I have the same problem with the navigation system. Sadly I have the use maps on my phone.

#7 OFFLINE   Thomcat


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Posted 29 September 2015 - 02:32 PM

No more Garmins or Magellans for me. At least the Nav in the Traverse was available as only a $500 option and I wasn't forced to buy $4000 worth of packages containing the RES like that in my Avalanche which is useless for empty nesters. I updated the Nav in the '13 Avalanche and the stock one in the "15 Traverse work just fine. OEMs are always there at a moments notice with a voice command or steering wheel buttons with no more power cords, suction cups, sticky pad mounts or leaving out so some moron can break the window to steal it. (OEM matches with the VIN and is useless to thieves without dealer reprogramming) Found that the periodic updates are not only for maps, usually modify the BIOS to change display and add features.


The original DVD based Nav in my '07 Avalanche was a bit fluky, but the '13 and '15 are hard drive based and don't require a DVD to operate and work just fine and eliminate that stupid warning screen on every start. The hard drive provides additional features like being able to store data from a CD, DVD or radio transmission. Haven't tried the MyChevrolet link in the Onstar Android app yet, but it claims that you can enter a destination on your phone and send it to the vehicle.


Maps have been accurate in my area and even contain a few steets in my new development that are still in construction road status. Voice commands work well for finding services and in conjunction with OnStar sends weather alerts and identifes traffic jambs and can automatically reroute....no small feat in the nearby crowded DC area. The Traverse can even color code the roads to match road speed range limits. No more microscopic rear camera display in the rear view mirror like my former Tahoe, the rear camera display, guide lines, distance lines, and visual sensor warning alerts are on the large Nav screen and probably the most useful feature is integration with the steering wheel sensors....as you backup it actively warps a projected overlay grid on the screen to show where the steering will place the future path of the rear wheels .....you can literally drive the vehicle accurately around the block in reverse using only the steering wheel and Nav display or place it within an inch from the curb or parking space lines.

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