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Wireless electronic trouble

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Posted 06 March 2017 - 10:32 AM

Wifi technology brings convenience to our life, while wifi jammer protects us from the danger of wifi.  Wifi is dangerous?  Yes.  The wifi devices make us live a wireless network life.  Many of us may still remember some years ago we must use a cable to connect our computers to network. This will cause trouble if you have many termials need to connect to the network.  You will see there are so many cables in your room or in your office that your places will be messed up.  Especially when the cables have been connected not so well, a slight movement will cause some devices failed to connect to Internet.  It is really headache.  Now we have wireless network technology, our network terminals are free from the cables.  In a certain place our computer our cell phones could remain online no matter what we do, walking, talking, sitting, standing.  But problems also come with the wifi that someone could tap into our computer or cell phones by wifi to record down all your conversation and other important data.  How to get us away of this kind wireless danger?  How to use our wifi without any danger?  Yes, we need the wifi jammer.
Before you buy a wifi jammer, you need to know more about it. We could discuss it from wifi technology base as beginning. As you know, both WiFi and Bluetooth frequency bands are commonly used to get access to the wireless internet. During working, both the wifi and bluetooth use 2.4GHZ frequency to send or receive data.   Wifi and bluetooth technology are used widely in our lives, the make us live in convenient. But things not always in good side, the WiFi and Bluetooth frequencies may be used by bad guys or the government for shady activities, wich will cause danger to people who use it.  More over, WiFi could be also used to track your location, mostly through hotspot location triangulation.  There are too many examples that wifi is used for indoor tracking that is spreading with high speed. In the same way, the bluetoogh could be used for indoor tracking also, particularly in Bluetooth beacons tracking technology. Now the question comes, how to protect our privacy and hide our location indoors?  To protect us from wifi and bluetooth tracking danger, we need the wifi jammer and bluetooth jammer.  As we mentioned above that all wireless signal jammer, bluetooth jammer and wifi jammer work on 2.4 GHz frequency so actually you need only one device, that is 2.4 GHz wireless jammer. A 2.4 GHz wireless jammer could protect our personal data in the use of wireless network, it can anti the illegal spying by webcam.

Another dangerous example is smart house systems. Through it we could put all electronic devices together with network. But technology always will cause problem if you use it in a wrong way.  All these kind of connected housewares may become eyes and ears in your own house, all of them could be served as exposure of your privacy to the government and other persons.  That is why we need portable or destop wifi jammer.
After we turn on a wifi blocker, it will stop the use of wifi or bluetooth or other Internet electronic products, it could effectively protect our privacy and our locations from illegal tracking.  To make sure you won't be spied, to make sure your private meetings, business operations or any other events of your life are safe, you will need wifi jammer and bluetooth jammer.

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